Self Publishing

While we're limited to traditionally publishing only a handful of titles each year, we still want to help cultivate a rich landscape for lovers of the deep and dark.

With that in mind, we would like to offer assistance to authors looking to self-publish in our genres.

Our Thoughts on Integrity & Vanity Publishers

I feel like it’s important to explain that Grendel Press is not a vanity publisher. At no time will we ask for money in exchange to publish your work.

Novel submissions are for our traditional and hybrid publishing contracts only in which we pay an advance dependent on the contract type, editing, cover design, and formatting fees for your novel in exchange for a percentage of royalties. 

That being said, we offer editorial services to assist authors who choose to self-publish in order to increase the quality of content releasing under our favorite genres.

We will never try to sell our services to novel submissions and purchasing services from us is not required and will not affect your chance of acceptance to our traditional or hybrid contracts

Please see our submission guidelines for a detailed explanation of how our contracts work.

Coming Soon
  • A self-publishing resource guide with step-by-step instructions and links to helpful services and competitors.
  • Self-editing tips and tricks.
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