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Dates: November 6-10, 2023
Location: Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) Convention Center on the Strip, Las Vegas
Cost: $399.99 from Feb 1 to July 31 and $499.99 from Aug 1 to the show). This is for the conference only. You are responsible for your room, travel, and meals.

Registration is open.

What is 20Books Vegas all about?
Here’s a promotional video we had shot at 20Books Vegas 2022

And here’s the introduction speeches and high-powered author panel from 20Books Vegas 2022. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTrqmZBt-FWUWnxWD2x5Ucg

20Books Vegas 2022 was by far the biggest and best of the 20Books shows (we’ve had a bunch). It is the biggest show in the world focused on self-publishing although there is something for every author, traditional or indie.

Why would you come to Las Vegas in November to be with up to 2500 authors, publishers, and industry professionals?
Because we believe that everyone deserves a chance to succeed if they take the knowledge and experience and apply it to their author business. What if you could ask a question of someone who is where you want to be? What would that question be? Vegas gives you that opportunity.

We had over 300 authors making full-time money from their writing. There will be something for everyone. Be warned, no one is going to carry you and make you an overnight sensation. You have to do that for yourself by applying what over 100 guest speakers have to offer. Are you ready to excel, reap the rewards of your good work? Then take control of your author career.

There is no other conference like 20Books Vegas. This show is predicated on the principle of giving back. It is run without any profit. We run this show because philanthropy is a part of our lives. We make our money off our fiction. We don’t need to make it from other authors. So we don’t. We get our reward when we see others

We have our Live Events YouTube Channel so you can see the types of presentations we have made along with our daily material. Please follow the 20Booksto50k(R) Live Events channel for a great source of information on all things publishing.


Event Details

November 6, 2023
November 10, 2023
Event Category
Author Conference
$399.99 until July 1st
Horseshoe (formerly Bally’s) Convention Center on the Strip, Las Vegas

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