Gordon Grice

Gordon Grice's stories have appeared in ChiZine (honorably mentioned in Ellen Datlow's The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror), Aurealis, and Metaphorosis. His nonfiction books include The Red Hourglass: Lives of the Predators. He occasionally remembers to post at GordonGrice.com.
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Dustin Reade

Dustin lives and works in Port Angeles, WA, and spends the bulk of his time reading about and looking for Bigfoot. He is the father of a gender-fluid child, and an avid record collector. He is also the author of several books, the most recent being the short story collection "Songs About My Father's Crotch"
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Thomas Stewart

Thomas Stewart is 21 years old with a fascination with the art of terror and the macabre. When he's not watching horror movies, or reading horror novels or stories, he's always crafting his own chilling gospels of horror to terrify and eternally rob you of a peaceful slumber.
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Christopher Yusko

Christopher works as a librarian somewhere in the frozen wastes of Canada, where he lives with his wife, his two daughters, and a cat named Dave Waller. His short fiction has appeared in Speculative City, and in the Christmas anthology Of Silver Bells and Chilling Tales.
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