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When the Full Moon Glooms at Night

Format: Novella
Release Date: April 7th, 2023
Buy on Amazon: Kindle | Paperback | Hardback
About the Author: Gregory Schaefer is an author of horror fiction. His love for the genre started at a younger age while watching 80s horror films. His favorite subjects to write about are of the paranormal and those of monsters. His number one inspiration is the great Stephen King. Gregory has many other horror novellas and novels planned, so keep an eye out for his next release!
Q & A

How does it feel to have this story published for the first time?

It feels amazing! It was a long and time consuming process but it has finally come to the end.

What inspired the idea for your story?

I have always loved monsters and horror in general since I was a kid. Werewolves have been a favorite of mine. I wanted to write a werewolf novella and the imagination just started to stir in my mind and When The Full Moon Glooms At Night was written.

We know that writing can be a tumultuous journey with a lot of obstacles, what is your kryptonite as a writer?

Writers block can be challenging. As an author I want to write and put down the best words and sentences I can. There have been times when I just can't think of the right word or words, but eventually it happens. The creativity and imagination overtakes the writers block at some point.

Clearly, you’ve succeeded at writing a captivating story for GrendelPress, but we all start somewhere. What advice would you give yourself as a young writer?

Just to keep on writing. My readers are going to want to see new books from me. Never quit what you love to do and what gift you have been given.

We’d like to argue that every good story makes both the author and the readers feel something. What perspectives or beliefs have you challenged with your story?

That when I am writing I put myself in the story. I imagine myself there as if it were really happening. I think my readers will be able to do the same.

Tell us about your favorite author. What about their book(s) call to you and how do they inspire your own writing?

The great Stephen King without a doubt is my favorite author. I love his books because like me, he is an author of horror. I've seen his success as an author and it inspires me to keep writing. I love to write stories. It's what allows my creativity to flow.

What do you love most about your story’s genre?

I love horror in general. I love monsters and werewolves. They are just, well, really cool.

What are some other genres you’d like to break into and why?

Fantasy. I love fantasy. I enjoy reading and watching movies with dragons and wizards.

If you had to pick another story of yours to share with your readers, what would it be?

"Mr. Pearsons Lives On Danbury Drive" is about the small quiet town of Kilmarnock Virginia, that thrives on cheer and loving friends and neighbors. However, an evil lurks within one house on Danbury Drive. An evil that seeks to kill those who dare to trespass. It is up to four residents of the town to destroy it and rid Kilmarnock of the sinister presence once and for all.
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