Grendel Press

We bring together lovers of the deep and dark and embrace the knowledge that to truly live, you must realize that the true monster... is often within.

What we really do?

We really love stories, and we want to make a name for ourselves so that readers know if they want to find a story about a monster that is more than a monster, or a hero that is more than a hero, we’re the place to find it.

How did you choose your name?

Grendel is fascinating as a character study. The epic Beowulf is a story about Beowulf, this greater-than-life hero who boasts about saving the world all the time. It’s his ‘thang’, but who kept reading after Grendel and his mother were killed? Not many, and that’s because Beowulf couldn’t be a hero without a monster to slay, but what makes these creatures monstrous? What makes Beowulf a hero?

Our Vision

We just want to shine a light in the dark and see what stares back at us… then we want to print it so you can see it too. 

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Who Are We?

Meet Team GP

Susan Russell, Editor-in-Chief

Yeelloo! I'm Susan, and Grendel Press LLC is my brainchild. I started editing in early 2020 with an international crew of writers working on a gaming website.

So what does that have to do with editing? Everything. I realized that I loved the energy of editing for so many authors, even on a small scale. I enjoy looking at the beautiful bones and knowing... I can fix that.

So in early 2021, I sat down and looked at the facts. Self-publishing was on the rise and I was reading more and more books that desperately needed an editor. I started small and offered my services until I built a client base of authors that have become some of my biggest fans.
Now I want to take the next step.

Rachael Swanson, Editor

Hello! My name's Rachael, and I've been an editor for a little over a year now. I've always been a big reader, but it wasn't until July of 2021, after I'd been beta reading for a while, that I realized how much I loved helping authors with their books.

Getting to be part of the process was exciting, and I'd very quickly decided that I wanted to make that my career. So I found some classes online, signed up, and have been working as an editor ever since.
On top of being a freelance editor, I work part-time at an editing company and spend the rest of my time with my husband, kids, and two cats, Pippin and Arwen. When I have free time, I love to read, play video games, go on hikes, and play D&D.

A few additional things about me: my favorite genres to read are fantasy, horror, and romance, my favorite video game is Red Dead Redemption 2 (I could talk about that game forever), and my favorite kind of food is Mexican.

Kasey Kubica, Editor

Hiya! My name is Kasey, and I’ve been in the editing world for nearly two years, though it was a lifetime ago that I decided I wanted to be an editor; it just took me fifteen years to get here. I work in all genres, including children’s literature, science fiction, horror, and romance, and I hope to end up editing in the culinary world at some point in my career.

I’m also an author, having opted for self-publishing a short stack of novels over the last thirteen years. A nonfiction travelogue (Swine and Cheese) was my first foray into putting my words out into the public, followed by a short-story entry in Spellbinding: An Anthology of Magic, three erotic romances (Proof, Ignite, and Abroad), and a light-and-fluffy holiday novella, Binge, released on Christmas Day 2021. In the works are a supernatural thriller and a food history cookbook.

When I’ve not got my nose in some sort of story, I hunker down with my other hobbies: embroidery, gaming, hiking, traveling, cooking, baking, and spending time with my partner, Daren, and our deaf, senior corgi-golden retriever, Apollo.

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